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Is the producer tag removed?

The producer tag plays once for Basic Plus, does not play for Standard and Platinum licenses.

Can I distribute the music through streaming services?

You can distribute your music through streaming services only if you purchase a Standard license and above. More details can be found on the license page.

What do non-commercial and commercial use mean?

Non-commercial use means that you can literally, use the beat for non-commercial use only. For example, you may only use it to promote your songs for non-profit on SNS, Soundcloud or offline group sessions. If you plan to release your beat commercially for profit on music distribution streaming sites or for concerts and broadcast, you must purchase a commercial license. More details can be found on the license page.

What do non-exclusive and exclusive mean?

The seller can continue to sell the same beat to other rappers permanently if you purchase a non-exclusive beat. If you purchase an exclusive beat, the beat will no longer be sold to any other rappers. More details can be found on the license page.

How long is the download period?

You can download your purchased beats for up to 90 days. Make sure to have them stored to your safe storage.

How do I purchase a beat?

Go to the beats menu and select a beat of your choice. Then select the license type for the beat and proceed to checkout. More details on the license types can be found on the license page.

How do I download a purchased beat?

Upon purchase, the beat is immediately sent to your e-mail along with your account information that you can also use to login and download your beats on our website.

Do I receive the same beat from YouTube?

You will receive the same arrangement, however, without the tags playing in between and also a better mixed and mastered version.

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