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I’m a producer and rapper located in Seoul, South Korea. I fell in love with music production and the art of mixing in late 2014. Now I live music. Swim in Sound. That’s my passion. I first started out making beats like everyone else and I spent almost everyday in cafes producing instrumentals, writing lyrics, watching tons and tons of tutorials and imitating famous producers and engineers. During these years of beat production, devouring information & techniques, mixing and recording I went through tremendous amounts of trial and error. I believe I was able to grow faster in knowledge and skill than other producers out there because my passion towards music was unmatched and I just knew that this was what I loved to do everyday. I’m still learning everyday and eager to constantly improve as a producer and a human being. I am blessed to have found my passion and skill sets and continue to hustle to one day become known as one of world’s top class producers. Currently, I do the best in my position with what I have.

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카카오톡: dossbaby
인스타그램: @dossbaby
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